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How to Disciple the World

One of the most famous teachings of Jesus comes at the end of Matthew and is often called, "The Great Commission." This is where Jesus tells his followers to make disciples of all nations.

Imagine how intimidating this would have been for the 11 apostles present. There are 11 people and Jesus tells them to make disciples of all nations. 

11 guys.

Make disciples of every single person in the world.

What a daunting task Jesus has given them.

Thousands of years have passed, but the command of Jesus for his followers to make disciples of all nations has not changed.

And truthfully, it is still intimidating and daunting. So how do we do it? How do we participate in the mission of making disciples of every single person in the world?

This makes me think about my grandma (she didn't make disciples of every single person in the world). I think of my grandma because she helped make a disciple of Jesus out of me.

She taught me about Jesus through reading the Bible to me, helping me learn how to worship in church, and setting an example of love and prayer in her daily life. But before my grandma could disciple me, someone had to disciple her. Someone had to take the time to teach her about Jesus.

I have no idea who those people were.

Most, if not all, probably died before I was ever born. Yet because they discipled my grandma, she was able to disciple me and now I am discipling people who will never know my grandma.

But the connections to Jesus keep growing.

You aren't going to make it to every single person in the world.

But you can disciple one person.

And when you disciple one person, you are participating in the Great Commission and the connections to Jesus will keep growing and growing beyond what you can see or imagine.