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In Between the Weeks

As the weekend approaches there is usually an excitement of looking forward to different activities, dates, or just relaxing for most people.

At the same time there can be an underlying stress as we think about the week that just went by and the week that is to come.

There are things we are trying to wrap up, things that went undone in the previous week, and things that we are already starting to stress about before next week even starts.

How do we find a way to rest and recharge during the
in-between days of the weeks?

The answer is found in who your king is.

The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, and in the Hebrew Bible the last book is 2 Chronicles. 2 Chronicles ends with a great king named Cyrus ruling most of the world at the time. Cyrus looks around at his kingdom and declares:

"The Lord , the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth" 2 Chronicles 36:23

While it is true that God had given Cyrus this massive kingdom, Cyrus began to think that this meant he was in charge and in control of everything. What Cyrus failed to realize is that God was till in control of everything.

We often fall into the same mindset. We think, "God has given me this life, therefore I am in charge and in control."

It is hard to let go of the mindset that I am in charge and I am in control.

The good news of Jesus is the freedom that is found when we realize that we aren't in charge and we aren't in control.

At the end of Matthew, Jesus declares: 

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me."
Matthew 28:18

Cyrus is not charge after all. Jesus is.

You are not in control after all. Jesus is.

You can rest and relax this weekend because Jesus was in control last week and He will still be in control next week.