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Listening to the Bible

When I was a little kid my Grandma would always read stories to me and my brother. While reading the stories, she would often pause and ask us how we were imaging the story happening and looking like in our minds. Having the stories read out loud made them come a live with emotion and energy that wasn't there when they were read silently.

The New Testament letters and stories were originally read out loud. People didn't have digital copies of the Bible at their finger tips so when the church gathered together the letters would be read out loud for all to hear.

There is a power and benefit of hearing the Word of God read out loud. It slows us down so we meditate longer on God's Word. It forces us to concentrate more because I can see a subheading and think to myself "oh, I already know this part."

There is something beautiful that happens when Christians read the Word of God out loud.

This week why don't you try changing up your Bible reading by reading it out loud or reading it out loud with someone else and taking turns.

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