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Our God Speaks

Leviticus is not the most read book of the Bible. Even those who work to read it often give up because it appears to be about nothing but ancient rites, rituals, and sacrifices.

There is a lot of blood.

On the surface it can seem like Leviticus doesn’t have much Good News for modern followers of Jesus. Even the name, Leviticus (which means ‘having to do with the Levites’), makes it feel like it isn’t very useful for us today.

But, the name for Leviticus is different in Hebrew. The Hebrew name for Leviticus actually shouts GOOD NEWS for us.

The Hebrew name for Leviticus is: Vayiqra

Vayiqra means to call out or speak to.

So why does this matter?

In the ancient near east, the gods were viewed as unstable and silent. The gods didn’t speak directly to people and because they didn’t speak you never knew how they felt about you. Did they love you? Did they hate you? Were they pleased with you?

In a world where the gods are silent and people are unsure of where they stand with their gods, Leviticus opens up with the line: The Lord called Moses and spoke to him.

We have a God who speaks directly to us. We don’t have to guess. We know because our God speaks.

People today still struggle with wondering if God cares for them or loves them. People still ask how does God feel about me?

We have an opportunity to speak Good News to people asking those questions because we can tell them: Our God speaks.

We can tell them that Jesus is the Word of God made flesh and that through Jesus God is speaking His word of love and forgiveness for all people.

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