Jesus for your everyday life

Why Did Jesus Say That? (ABC)

Jesus said a lot of things in the Bible. Have you ever been confused, caught off guard, or curious about why Jesus said some of the things He did?

In this Bible class we will look at different sayings of Jesus and the cultural reasons on why He said what He said, and why He said it that way.

Stand Alone

Stand Alone sermons that are not part of a specific sermon series.

Ecclesiastes: Finding Meaning in a Meaningless Life

Everyone is looking for meaning. We look for purpose in our families, our wealth, our influence, our education, and our work. The list goes on. But do any of those things ever ultimately leave us feeling satisfied and content? If we are constantly trying to find new ways to find meaning because the other ways failed; how do we find peace in this life?

In this Bible study we explore the words of Ecclesiastes to see how we can find peace in life when we stop striving after things that leave us empty.

No Other Name

Jesus has risen from the dead; so what happens next? What does Jesus rising from the dead have to do with my life today?

Join us as we look at stories from the book of Acts to see how the risen Jesus changes lives and eternities.

How We Got the Bible (ABC)

How did the Bible get put together? What was the process for selecting the books that were included in it? Can the Bible be trusted?

This Bible class explores the answers to those questions and more.


People think and say a lot of things about God. The question, "who is God?" conjures up all kinds of thoughts and answers. But what does the Bible say about who our God is? What does the Bible say He is like?

In this sermon series we explore the different attributes about who are God is and what He does for us.

Good Friday 2018

Jesus sets the sinner free from the chains and burdens of sin by taking their place on the cross.

The King and the Cross (ABC)

Mark's Gospel is a unique telling of the story of Jesus. Mark's Gospel focuses on two main points: Jesus is King and the purpose of Jesus is the cross.

During the season of Lent this Bible class will look at the Gospel of Mark and discover why it is such good news for us that Jesus is King and His purpose is the Cross.