Jesus for your everyday life

Current Series

Comfort and Joy

The season of Advent and Christmas is a wonderful time of celebrating the comfort and joy that Jesus Christ brings to each person.

This year we will celebrate the Good News of Jesus' birth by reflecting on favorite Christmas hymns and carols and how the words we sing point us to truths about who Jesus is and why He came into the world.

The King and the Cross (ABC)

Mark's Gospel is a unique telling of the story of Jesus. Mark's Gospel focuses on two main points: Jesus is King and the purpose of Jesus is the cross.

During the season of Lent this Bible class will look at the Gospel of Mark and discover why it is such good news for us that Jesus is King and His purpose is the Cross.

When Heaven Meets Earth (ABC)

What does the Bible teach about Heaven? What does the Bible mean when it uses that word? Is the Christian faith and the story of the Bible about us escaping earth and living in the clouds or is it about something much bigger and better?

This is Us

Everyone has brokenness and hurt within their family and relationships. Every family and relationship needs grace and forgiveness. In this sermon series we look at the life of Joseph and his family to learn how God's redemption, grace, and love heals broken relationships.

Christmas Time

The season of Advent and Christmas is all about finding hope in Jesus. But how do we do that in our everyday lives? How do we find hope for every season of life even in the middle of stress, hurt, sorrow, and grief?

The World of Christmas (ABC)

Christmas is a great season with lots of celebration. As Christians we celebrate the good news of Jesus being born to save us. But what was the world like that Jesus was born into? What were people expecting from a savior?

Party Theology (ABC)

During this holiday season people will go to and host numerous parties. They are great times of celebrating, enjoying friends, and giving thanks for what we have.

How can we use these relationships and interactions this holiday season to share the hope of Jesus? How can we use our parties to share God's love?


As Christians, there are some things that should be at the top of our minds.  In this series, we look at the things that matter most to our faith and should therefore be not only at the top of our minds, but deep in our hearts.

It's all about Jesus

500 years ago Martin Luther began a movement that would change the world and the church. This movement became known as the Reformation. In this series we explore what the Reformation was all about and why it still matters for Christians today.

Uncommon Stories (ABC)

There are lots of stories found in the Bible. Some of them we start to learn from the time we are small children and others are so popular people know them without ever reading the Bible. But there are also lots of stories that are less common.

These uncommon stories go forgotten like hidden treasures. In this Bible class we explore four uncommon stories to learn about God, faith and ourselves.