Scripture Together Plan

Download the Scripture Together Reading Plan


How does this plan work?

This plan will have you read the entire New Testament in a year by reading one chapter every weekday. 

Saturdays and Sundays are reserved as grace days to allow you to catch up if you need to, or rest and spend time in worship.

What if I fall behind or miss a day?

If you fall behind or miss a day simply pick the reading for the current day and start there. God promises that His Word always works in our lives - so start and read where you are without guilt or pressure.

If you want to catch up on a missed reading use the open Saturdays or Sundays to do so.

Download the Scripture Together Reading Plan

What if I don't understand what I am reading?

The first thing to do is to not quit. Don't give up because it doesn't make sense; that is going to happen; even the Apostle Peter said that some of what the Apostle Paul wrote was hard to understand.

The second thing you can do is email one of our pastors with your question or comment.

Pastor Danny:

Pastor Mark:

Additionally, we will be posting guides on our website and social media in order to help people read along and understand what is happening in the readings.

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